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Rover's Retreat
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Save. Love. Adopt.
Welcome to Rover's Retreat
Located in Southern California, we provide dog rescue and dog adoption by placing rescued dogs in foster homes and providing care and a safe haven for them until they are ready to find their "furever" homes.  We have foster homes from the Los Angeles area all the way down to the San Diego region.
Who We Are
Our rescue was born out of a need to be an advocate for dogs who can't speak for themselves.  Rover's Retreat dog rescue is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization staffed only by volunteers. All vet bills and costs are covered by tax-deductible donations from people just like you!
What We Do
We rescue dogs and place them in foster homes until they are ready for adoption.  We vaccinate, spay/neuter, microchip and provide any additional care such as surgery or rehabilitation. We help the dog to get ready to be placed in a happy home.
How We Do It
We have fundraisers at local businesses who are also passionate about helping animals.  We also receive donations when you shop at smile.amazon.com or Ralph's grocery and select Rover's Retreat  as your charity.  Adoption fees help cover our veterinary costs as well.
Ways That You Can Help!


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Frequent Questions

Depending on the amount of available dogs and the characteristics of the dog you're looking for, it can be as little as week, but usually less than one month.

We get dogs from a number of different sources. Some come through the shelter system, some come from owners who can't keep the dog for one reason or another, and some come from other rescue groups. We even get dogs from other countries, like Mexico and Turkey!

Our adoption fees range between $400-$1,000 for domestic dogs and those from Mexico. Dogs are assigned an adoption fee based on several factors such as age, breed, health and behavior, amongst others. For our international dogs from overseas, adoption fees range $800-$2,000. International adoption fees are higher due to the travel and boarding costs, as well as the above-mentioned factors for domestic dogs. These dogs stay in their country of origin for weeks, or sometimes months, prior to being able to travel.

The reason the adoption fees are so much higher is because of the cost to get the dogs from Turkey or other places overseas to the United States. By the time we get a dog here, it costs us between $800 and $2000 dollars for vetting, health clearances, custom brokers, and the cost for a 13-17 hour plane ticket. The good news is there are a lot of people who want to help by saving dogs from wherever they come from. We rarely cover the costs of these dogs and often lose money. We count on people with big hearts to adopt these special dogs, and although it costs more money, they're totally worth it!

All of our dogs are temperament tested in foster homes before they are made available for adoption. We test them around kids, cats, other dogs, on/off leash, and we get a good feel of the dog's personality. We then post the dog's personality profile on our website.

Most of our dogs are house-trained, thanks to the time they spend at the foster homes before being made available for adoption. However all dogs take a little time to settle into their new homes, and require patience and training to give them time to fit into their new environment. Each dog has its unique characteristics, so we ask that you give your new dog some time to be the best dog that they can be.

We often have meet and greets at places around town, and you might meet your future dog there! We also have a meeting at the foster's home after a match has been made, to make sure that the choice you made and the match we made for you is indeed a good fit. You always have the option to say no when you meet the dog if you feel like it's not the one for you!

If you're referring to the California Lottery, probably not. That's the bad news. The good news is that by adopting from Rover's Retreat, you'll feel like you did win the lottery, thanks to your new best friend!

Find a New Friend!
Dogs waiting for a Foster!

If you can provide a temporary home or are interested in fostering one of these dogs with intent to adopt, please fill out our foster app here: Foster Application
Emergency number only:  858-529-5678
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