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34 lbs
Australian Shepherd Mix
1 ½  years old
Spayed Female
Adopt Vicky

Vicky is a fun and loving Australian Shepherd Mix who has a massive amount of puppy energy! She is a very fast learner and will pick up on training very quickly. She is eager to please and will do just about anything for food or toys. She is good with kids and dogs and would do the best living with another energetic and young medium-large dog who loves to play. Vicky needs lots of human attention and will bond very quickly to anyone who puts in the time to get to know her. She will follow whoever she deems her leader around and will not leave their side.

She has some difficulty being left alone, even for short periods of time. She cannot be left in a crate or in an apartment.  Vicky likes to have you at her side, even while she eats! She sleeps next to her human companion in bed, and is very respectful of their boundaries. Vicky needs a large backyard and people who won’t need to leave her alone all day. She loves long walks, swimming at the beach, playing with other dogs, giving kisses, receiving treats, and cuddling! She is 100% potty trained and took almost no time to adjust to her new foster home. Vicky is the absolute perfect family dog, however, please keep in mind that she needs a lot of exercise and attention each day. If you are looking for a dog who is extremely active, playful, and loyal, Vicky could be right for you!

If you would like to adopt her, please fill out our adoption application here:  Adoption Application
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