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Rover's Retreat
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Surrendering a dog to our rescue

If you currently have a dog that you can no longer keep, please fill out the form below.  Be aware that a stray dog or a dog that you have found needs to be made available to your local shelter by calling them and/or taking the dog to that shelter.  This gives the owner who may have lost this dog the best chance to find their dog.  You can also take a stray dog to any veterinarian, who can scan the dog for a microchip that could contain the owner's contact information.

We can not take any dogs with bite history or agressive behavior due to the fact that all of our dogs are placed in foster homes with people, kids, and other animals.  Our insurance also prohibits us from accepting dogs with these behavior characteristics.

Please do not call us initially to surrender a dog as our phone number is primarily for emergencies.  We ask that you fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible.




By checking this box, you agree that the dog you are surrendering belongs to you or a family member. You also agree by surrendering the dog to our organization, you will no longer be able to have contact with the dog or the family the dog is eventually placed with.
Emergency number only:  858-529-5678
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