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Ways to help

One of the nicest things you can do is to help sponsor a dog through a donation.  This donation will go to help a dog of your choosing and we'll make sure they know you were the one who helped them out.  Whether you choose to sponsor once or to sponsor many dogs over time, it will be both gratifying to you and to the dog! 

Your donation will make it possible for a dog in need to get the medical care and attention they need. Your generous contribution will help pay for the costs of examinations, spaying/neutering as well as vaccinations and micro-chipping and it will also help to provide funds needed to help the dog on the road to recover and to find his/her "furever" home!  

To sponsor a dog, just include the dog's name you wish to sponsor in the comments section of the paypal checkout page. As a thank you, we'll list your name along with the dog's information on the website, as well as putting you on the list of sponsors.  It's a great feeling seeing your name on that list and next to a dog that is up for adoption and it's very rewarding knowing you made a difference in saving a dog!

If you can help us by donating on a recurring basis automatically, we'll put our in our "BEST BUDDIES" club. This will earn you a special place in our hearts and we know that it's important to you to help these special dogs find their "furever" home. For a minimum of $25, we'll list your name in our club newsletter and let folks know that you care about the health and well-being of our rescued dogs.

As a member of the best buddies club, you'll also get some behind the scenes information and activities that others don't normally get to see. Things like days at the foster home, where you can interact with the dogs as they recover, or summer dog days, where we have a get together for our special friends as a thank you for helping out so much.

To become a member, just click on the donate button, and in the comments section, just put "BEST BUDDIES" and we'll use the amount donated each month to help to make sure our medical fund has enough to take care of any of our rescued dogs who are in need! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... oh, did I say "Thank You"? :)
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