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20 lbs
Dachshund Mix
4 yrs old
Neutered Male
Adopt Reese

Meet Reese!  Reese is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet.  He has so much love to give and is a wonderful little companion.  Some of Reese's favorite activities include snuggles, walks, pets, and more snuggles.  Reese is also an excellent ball player.  He loves to play fetch with his tennis ball and will play anytime his owner is up for it. Reese is a very low maintenance and relaxed little guy.  He spends most of the day at the front door watching the neighbors and sunning, he just loves sunning.  He will find a warm place on the brick patio and lay there for hours!  Another wonderful thing about Reese is he rarely barks.  Reese currently lives in a very busy area with lots of noises from neighbors and a nearby hospital yet Reese will only bark at the occasional dog walking by the back yard or maybe a friendly hello bark when you get back home.

Reese can be a little fearful at times so he requires precaution when meeting new dogs or people he doesn't know.  He tends to be aggressive with other dogs but after the proper introduction, he loves having new friends around.  With that being said, the dog park is not Reese's favorite place.  Reese also dislikes being cornered or approached too rapidly by those he doesn't know.  With regard to this, Reese would be happiest in a home without small children, preferably age 15+, or at an age where they understand how to respect Reese's personal space. Reese doesn't require much space and would be happy in just about any size home.

The most important thing to Reese is his owners. He demonstrates the utmost loyalty and love for his owners and is happiest sitting or laying close by them throughout the day. He truly is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs you will meet. He is just a joy to be around brings smiles to all around him!
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