Reese - Rover's Retreat Dog Rescue

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20 lbs
Dachshund Mix
4 yrs old
Neutered Male
Adopt Reese

Meet Reese!  He is a sweet and happy boy who likes  snuggles and cuddling in bed, walks, playing fetch, and being loved and lots of pets.  He also loves treats - dog treats, carrots, bananas, and peanut butter.  Reese loves to lay in the sun and curl up in the bed and blankets.  He also likes to sit by the front door, checking out the neighborhood although he doesn't bark much. His favorite thing is to hang out with people.  Oh, and he loves his squeaky toys too!

Reese dislikes other dogs until he gets to know them, but does okay with dogs in his own home once he feels safe.  He doesn't like being startled or loud, unfamiliar noises.  Being surprised or being cornered scares him and he sometimes will protect himself by growling or nipping if he gets too scared. So it's important that no strangers get too close to him or his owner too quickly.  He needs some patience when playing ball or with toys...just don't take his ball too quickly during fetch.  He just needs some patience and love... like when playing fetch with him, you  just  play and let him bring the ball back and just pet him until he drops it.  When he stops dropping it, fetch is over and then you just walk back home. He growls a little when you try to get the ball from him so, just let  him drop it for you.  You will need to be a little cautious when being approached by anyone, especially with other dogs. Give him some space and a wide berth when passing by others he doesn't know and he'll do just fine.

He is very good in the house. He doesn't bark much and is calm. He doesn't beg for food or bother you too much when cooking, he will just hang around for the occasional treat. He's a great sleeper. He loves to cuddle and when it's bed time just put him on his blanket on the bed and he will stay there all night until you get up.  He loves to keep you company but he is also independent.  He has no problem finding a comfortable place in the house or on the patio sunning without you being around. He is well potty trained.  He likes the dog beach a lot but use caution with other dogs and people when off leash. Reese is a very sweet dog, but he is a bit fearful at times, so he needs a family who will be patient and understand this.  He is usually only fearful when he feels threatened or cornered.  No kids just to be on the safe side and he will need someone who is patient and willing to make him feel safe and loved.  

He has a lot of love to give and is very sweet and has a lot of personality!  He even likes to watch nature shows on TV!  If you'd like to give this boy his furever home,  please apply today!
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