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Rainbow Bridge

Dogs and Cats

​Here are some of our friends that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you for all the love that you have given to us.  We are lucky to have known you.  Run pain free and bask in the forever sunshine!  You will be missed, but never forgotten!

Jake was in ​the shelter in Carson and was left there by his owners for a fate no one would want.  Fortunately one of our fosters was able to rescue this sweet boy and give him a loving home.  Even though he was only around for a week or so before he crossed over, he was loved and in a warm place when he passed.  
Jake enjoys his last days free from the shelter
There are times in life when things seem unfair. Today is one of those days. You can try with all of your heart to do what you think is best and give everything you can to jump hurdle after hurdle, and you think you've jumped the final one only to find that there is no finish line, there is only a race left that can't be won.
Our sweet Rocky, who vaulted every hurdle and fought every day to reach that finish line found out today that finishing this race wasn't a possibility.
It is with a broken heart that I am sharing the crossing of Rocky over the rainbow bridge today. I had hoped he would have more time on this Earth to share his beautiful soul and sweet nature with more people.
I truly feel blessed for having him in my life and I am deeply saddened by his passing today. The short version of the story is that he developed a sinus infection and while being treated for it, his fever spiked and he began having seizures. The doctors didn't want him suffering, so they did what was best for this sweet boy. I would write more, but I'm having trouble just typing this through the tears and heartache I'm feeling right now.
I can't thank everyone enough for everything that was done for this baby boy. From the day I saw his face in a picture that was sent to me asking if we could help, I knew he was special and I knew I'd do whatever I could to give him as much time here as I could. So many people helped him along the way from his journey from Salt Lake City to San Diego, then from San Diego to his new family in Nebraska.
Deanne, I only wish you had more time with him, but I know he touched you and Mark in the short time he was with you as much as he touched me and everyone that he came in contact with. I know he had the best chance of a good life with you and I know you did everything that was possible to give him a chance at a good life.
I am comforted by the fact that I was able to share part of my time in this life with the soul of an angel and I know I will always have him with me and a part of me is with him on the other side of the rainbow bridge now....
I'll attach one of my favorite pictures of him from his new home. I look at this picture and I imagine him looking out at a world full of possibilities. I was told today that the world is a little less sweet without Rocky in it. I couldn't agree more, but am happy I was touched by this sweet soul.
Rest in peace, sweet Rocky. You will be dearly missed and never forgotten.
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