Quincy - Rover's Retreat Dog Rescue

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11 lbs
Dachshund Mix
3 yrs old
Neutered Male
Adopt Quincy

Quincy is a sweet little dog that loves to be held and will fall sleep in your lap if he’s tired. He gets very excited when he sees his leash because he loves to go for walks, but does best with a harness because he does pull quite a bit.

He likes most dogs and he does not guard his food or toys. He likes to sleep in his kennel at night. He likes riding in the car and looking out the window and isn't afraid of noises at home like the vacuum.  He likes sitting by the back screen door and watching all the birds and other animals outside and really enjoys being outdoors in general.

He does bark at horses or other animals that he sees, probably because he's very curious. I think once he gets used to them it’s not an issue.  He doesn't like little dogs as much but gets along okay with bigger dogs once he's introduced correctly.

Quincy would really like a home and family to call his own.  Are you ready for a love bug?  Apply to adopt him today!

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