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Ways to help
Bonnie's Story
Told by her foster mom, Laurie Tarter

"Bonnie is a mellow and very sweet girl. She came to me super skinny at 94 pounds. She is spoiled and gets ground meat cooked for her in her kibble since dog canned food won't do. She has gained about 14 pounds and working on more.  She loves greeting everyone! Little kids to adults and even cats. She is still not fond of other dogs, due to being attacked by a dog before she came into rescue. She shows her personality more and more by getting a goofy head tilt and moves her head all around. She occasionally surprises the cats by a slow wiggle trying to play with them. They prefer to just snooze next to her. I think more of my neighbors know her name than mine."

Bonnie came to us from a bad situation in Ensenada.
Bonnie can't be adopted out due to the fact she has Atrial Fibrulation and can not have any surgery done to her.
Bonnie also has both Cruscial ligaments torn and has a hard time walking.  
So, for as long as she lives we will care for her medical needs. She also gets groomed now to keep her beautiful coat up.  If you want to donate to help out with her costs we would be very appreciative!

Bonnie says Woof!

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