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12 lbs
Miniature Schnauzer
1 ½ years old
Spayed Female
Adopt Lula

Meet Lula, a 1 ½ year old mini Schnauzer who was rescued from Mexico. Lula was found cold and abandoned on the streets during a rainstorm. She was completely terrified, but luckily our rescuers got to her just in time! Lula is sweet and gentle as can be and just wants lots of human attention. She is timid and shy at first when meeting new people and experiencing new surroundings. However, once Lula gets to know you and realizes it’s safe to trust, she is such a cuddle bug and loves to be petted.  While it might take her a little bit to warm up, it’s definitely worth the wait. Lula is doing great with her potty training in her foster home, as well. Though she will need reassurance and direction as to where it’s okay to go potty in her new home. She loves to play with toys, and her favorite game is fetch. So, hopefully, you’ve got a good arm because this girl will play forever!

Lula is interested in other dogs and would love a doggy playmate of similar size and energy level, in her new home. She is a quiet, moderate energy girl, but does get very happy and excited to see her humans and will howl and bark at times. Since Lula is timid, and afraid of many loud noises including cars driving by, a home without young kids would be best for her. Lula wants to be with you at all times and would love if her new parents were around most of the day. She would also enjoy going to training classes with her new family, as she is very smart and still a young girl. If you are ready for some cuddles, kisses, and unconditional love, this girl might be the one for you!

If you are interested in Lula, please complete our adoption application which can be found on our website: Adoption Application
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