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Lilo: 2-3 Yrs Old
Stitch: 10 Weeks Old

Spayed Female
Neutered Male
29 Lbs
9 ½ lbs
Schnauzer Mix
Adopt Lilo & stitch

Lilo and Stich are an adorable mom and son pair that were found at a shelter in Mexico.  
They are quite bonded, so we are looking to adopt them together.
Lilo is 2-3 years old and we are guessing she is a schnauzer mix.  Stitch is Lilo’s 9 week old puppy.
Both are very sweet, treat motivated, and happy dogs.  Lilo is a curious, even tempered girl.  
She doesn’t bark much, and is pretty much potty trained.  She enjoys her walks and exploring.  
She is quite agile and can jump, so low fences and baby gates are easy for her to clear.
Stitch is all puppy.  He cries when he is away from Lilo, and loves nipping at and jumping on his mom (don’t all puppies?!).
He still needs practice on his potty training, but he is learning.  
He has super sharp puppy teeth, so will need a lot of appropriate chew toys.  
If you are interested in learning more about this dynamic duo, please complete our adoption application.
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