Ginger - Rover's Retreat

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Ginger is the sweetest girl that came to us via Mexico. She has recovered from distemper and has a few residual issues. She has been through a lot in her short  life and responds well to love and attention. She wags her tail continuously while being petted and loved and licks your hand to say thank you. She does have a neurological tic in her left rear leg and has limited use of it so can be a little clumsy in her gait after sleeping but improves when she starts walking and running around. She LOVES to eat and is gaining weight. Ginger and the resident golden retriever get along great and play together although Ginger is not much of a ball dog as her larger buddy is, who usually carries one or two balls around most of the time. She ventures out farther and farther every day and is getting more and more playful. She loves her dog bed when she needs a nap. She is not a barker, just a loving sweet girl that wants a forever home and people who will love and give her the attention she so needs.
 She doesn’t appear to have any separation anxiety and can be left for awhile.

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