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36 lbs
Border Collie mix
2 years old
Neutered Male
Adopt Bobby

Bobby came to us from Mexico in January. He was extremely needy the first week or so. At first we thought he might have a little separation anxiety. Not so, it turns out. Once he acclimated to our house, he stopped following us everywhere and became much more relaxed.  He started playing with his foster brother golden about a week or so after arriving and they haven't stopped playing since.

Bobby is a very quick learner and really wants to please. He can be a little shy at first, but warms up pretty quickly. I think he would do best with a furry friend to keep him entertained. He's pretty calm, and is content to snooze with the other dogs. He loves to play, and go for walks (he's learning not to pull) and we think he would be a great hiking buddy. He loves to scout the yard for critters, especially lizards.  He's learning how to play fetch and he is great with kids of all ages and great with cats too. He is comfortable being handled, and likes to snuggle. He will steal your shoes to sleep with them, but doesn't chew on anything,  he likes them just for a security blanket.

If you'd like to adopt Bobby, please fill out our adoption application here!

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