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1 ½ Yrs Old

neutered male
35 Lbs
Terrier/Corgi Mix
Adopt Benji

This adorable guy is Benji, a 1 ½ year old Golden Retriever/Terrier mix.
Imagine a small (30 lb) mini golden retriever with lots of energy, playful, friendly, and with wirehair terrier fur…that pretty much describes Benji.  
He came to us from a very tough life in Turkey, where he was found at an abandoned seaside resort starving and soaking wet.
He is definitely thankful to be here, and we have promised that he will have a great life in the US!  
He is very social, loves playing with other dogs and toys. .  He is super sweet, adores attention, and is very smart.  
Benji also loves belly rubs.  His forever family should plan on doing obedience training with him as he is a bit ‘mouthy’ when he is too excited, puts his paws up on the counters to smell all the yummy food, and pulls on leash.
That being said, he is treat motivated and eager to please so training should be easy.  
Benji has always been around other dogs so would love a doggie playmate in his forever home as well as space to run and play.  
He definitely needs regular exercise, so daily walks will be important for Benji.
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