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Meet beautiful Missy, who came to us all the way from Turkey.  She is approximately 3 years old.  She spent the first few years of her life living in a crowded place where close human interaction was not common.  We are also guessing some people were not very nice to her, as she shies away from some people – especially men.  She is making wonderful progress, but it will take a while for her to learn that people aren’t going to hurt her.  She is timid, but has quickly realized that cuddling up next to her foster mom is a wonderful thing.  Her forever family will need to allow her to approach them at her pace so that she feels safe and will learn to trust.
Missy is great on leash and loves going for long walks.  She is learning a couple of commands, and now knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and we are working on ‘leave it’ and ‘off’.  Missy has very good house manners, although she may put her paws on the counter if there is something super special there.  Missy is potty trained and has not had any accidents in her foster home.   She is a quiet girl and rarely barks.  She has a soft mouth and takes treats gently.  Missy also enjoys car rides, and would prefer to sit on your lap in the car.
She does do some resource guarding with toys, so her adoptive family will need to introduce toys slowly.  It is understandable based on where she came from as she probably never had toys before coming to the US.
Missy gets along well with other dogs, and even does well with cats.  We do feel she might do best as an only dog at this point so her family can focus their attention on helping her learn to trust and feel safe.
Missy came into rescue with a mast cell tumor that we had removed and she is healing well.  Fortunately it was a very low grade tumor, and our vet got all clean margins.  While there is a small chance it may re-occur, it will not spread to other parts of her body and will not impact her lifespan.
We are looking for an adopter who is patient, gentle, and understands Missy will need time to adjust and learn to trust.  She has a true golden personality and craves attention, praise, love, and of course treats.  

If you think Missy might be a good fit for your family, please fill out our adoption application which can be found here:  https://www.roversretreat.org/adopt.html
Please note Missy’s adoption fee will be $600
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