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Perry has an unmatched enthusiasm for life and he’s looking for a human to share his energy and happiness with him!
Perry’s breed is 100% SuperMutt: He’s got some staffie, german shepherd, some Golden Retriever, some Chow Chow and a whole lot of “Who Knows?” We do have a DNA report for him!
We think he’s about a year old, and that first year was mostly a rough start. When we found him, he was living in a tomato box on the street, malnourished and very ill.
For the first time in his life, he’s learning how to live in a home, and now that he feels AH-MAY-ZING, he’s getting the hang of things.
He has a foster brother and sister he gets along very well with—especially his foster sister! She’s small and feisty and the two of them love to wrestle and carry on and chase each other around.
He can be “a bit much” in the wrestling department, so when another dog has had enough, they have to let him know it’s time to quit.
Perry isn’t intimidated by new people, especially if you give him a good scratch. He’s an expert snuggler and reaches in for a quick kiss to show his appreciation. Running and playing and wrestling are his favorite pastimes.  He’s very enthusiastic and does a lot of grunting and whooping for joy.
He’s a man of many words, and lots of “voices”.  
He talks and grunts and groans with pleasure and grumbles and sings and barks for joy.
Perry can swim but he’s not too keen on it, at least not yet. He’d rather run around and explore.
He always balks at bathtime, but as soon as the scrubbing starts he leans into it and loves it. The rub-down afterward is his favorite part!
This is a very affectionate, sensitive fellow.  He will let you touch him anywhere—tail, ears, face, paws—as long as you’re touching him, he’s happy!
We’ve noticed that Perry never wags his tail, and we suspect that he can’t, although we aren’t sure why.  
It just hangs there and follows him around, but it never moves! He loves to fall asleep on a human lap after an exhausting play session. He has learned to sit for a treat (and takes it gently!), is learning down and wait, but hasn’t mastered them quite yet.
He still eats like a madman, probably fearing it’ll be the last meal he’ll get, but he’s improving there too.
He has learned to eat his own food, and not try to steal from his foster siblings, and is on his way to becoming a real gentleman.
Walks are a favorite, and he walks quite nicely on a leash after the initial excitement wears off.
Perry had some fears to overcome, and he’s working really hard to leave them behind.  Every day he becomes more confident and secure in his world, but he needs a forever home where he will have lots of exercise and interaction, and patience and understanding for his huge energy and enthusiasm.
He wants to trust you.  Perry loves with all his heart and will be your sweet snuggling, playful, happy boy once he understands that he’s safe with you, that you love him.
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